How to Install and Uninstall the Facebook Messenger App on Android

Facebook Messenger app is very beneficial for users. And it is a standalone messaging app and platform, which also allows you to send a message to your Facebook friends without using the Facebook app. This application allows users to open their messenger without the need to log in to Facebook. This application allows you to share videos, messages, contacts, photos, links, group chats, send money and send your location. 

You can also uninstall Facebook Messenger from iPhone easily. With the help of this article, you can uninstall Facebook Messenger quickly and easily and explain if you have iPhone, Android on this type of device. If you are still having a lot of problems installing or uninstalling the Facebook Messenger app, then you can contact the create a Facebook page any time and get the solution to your problem.

Best Steps for install & uninstall Facebook Messenger app 

Facebook messenger has very beneficial for us. Messenger enables a user to send and receive messages directly on android.and if you want to install or uninstall the Facebook messenger app, then follow the steps given below correctly. And you are still having a lot of problems, then you can contact the reset Facebook password without thinking.

Uninstall the Facebook messenger app on android
  • First of all, you have to start your android device. 
  • Now launch the google play store.
  • Then you have to go the section of apps my apps.
  • Looks for Facebook messenger
  • After searching the app, click on it and then select the uninstall button.
  • If a confirmation window will appear on your screen, you will need to click on the yes button.  
Uninstall Facebook Messenger app on iPhone 

If you are looking how to uninstall Facebook Messenger from iPhone or iPad then the process is very easy:

  • You have to hold down the Messenger icon for a few seconds and see that it starts moving and displays a cross in the left corner.
  • Now, you have to suppress it.
  • Now, this app will be uninstalled.
Install the Facebook messenger app on android 
  • First of all, start the play store apps on your android
  • Now you have to touch on screen bar to search messenger app
  • Then type the messenger app in the search bar and start searching.
  • You have to select the messenger app and then open it.
  • Now you have to start a download for this you have to press the hit install button.
  • And if you are promoted, you will have to provide your Google account password.
  • Now you wait for the app to be fully downloaded. Download it, open the app and now you can see it on your android device.
How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger on a Windows Phone

Facebook Messenger is also possible for a Windows smartphone, so if it is your OS, then follow some steps given below:

  • First, you go to the list of applications and press on Messenger.
  • Then, a type of popup menu appears with the “uninstall” option, then press it.
  • To remove this app you will have to do “yes” and therefore completely uninstall Facebook Messenger for your Windows Phone.
Turn off Facebook Messenger from your computer

If you have trouble receiving messages on your computer’s Facebook Messenger, here is how to disable it. You cannot completely remove it from the computer because this messaging function is not a separate app, but it is part of a social network:

  • First, you find the chat bar on the right side of your screen.
  • Now you go to the “Options” symbol on the right side of the screen.
  • Now Click “Close Chat”.
  • Now you choose whether you want your chat to be closed forever for all your contacts or specific people.

Top 3 Problems that the Facebook Messenger Users Have

Facebook Messenger stop working

Possible Reasons: If Facebook Messenger has stopped working then you can get a blank window. One way to solve this type of problem is to verify your device operating system that may be exposed.

Solution: There are many cases when an upgrade affects your apps too. You then have in mind to install a new application, remember to verify the requirements related to this type of device and operating system

Can’t send or receive messages on Facebook Messenger

Possible Reasons: you should not have issues with sending or receiving Facebook Messenger messages.

Solutions: If the problem still occurs, then maybe the best option is to use the browser from your device and log in to the mobile Facebook website. After you log in to your recover Facebook account, you should be able to read, send and receive Facebook messages from your friends, followers and any connected member.

If all of your Facebook Messenger messages disappeared

Possible Reasons: You have lots of options to delete your messages. The reason for these may actually be deletion. If you have deleted a message, but you will no longer find it. The reason for this is that deleted messages are not in your inbox, but your Facebook friends still have them.

Solutions: You will find hidden messages in your archives. If you have not chosen to archive and delete a message, then, of course, your message is in the archive. If you type your friend’s name in the search box, you can quickly find archived messages.

In conclusion

I hope you liked this blog. Many people have multiple problems with the Facebook Messenger app. If you have any problem related to this blog. So you can contact our Facebook customer service team through Facebook Password Recovery to get a solution to your problem.

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